In PALESTINE we work with an Arabic version of the expressionbook. 
to use in the Palestinian schools at the Westbank.

Therefor we work closely together with the organisation

A training we gave in WINTER 2018
to teachers of different SCHOOLS of the Westbank
and TRAINERS of logica. 

Each year, different schools take part in the project
and hundrerds of pupils take profite of the program.
In 2022-23 are 15 secundairy schools enrolled. 

In NEPAL the following schools
are inrolled in the expressionprogram "SCHL"

Past projects - 2015-2017
- Two schools in the district of CHITWAN
A project together with the local organisation CEPP
and the Belgian Erasmus University College of Brussels.
- MAHANKALI SECONDARY SCHOOL - Pipaltar, Dhading (45 students).
- SHREE JALPA LOWER SECONDARY SCHOOL - Kumpur, Dhading (15 students). 
- SANSKRIT SECONDARY SCHOOL - Kathmandu (40 students).
- PRABHAT LOWER SECONDARY SCHOOL - Kathmandu (12 students).
- IMDRAYANI - Adamghat, Dhading (20 students).
- ADARSA - Gajuri, Dhading, (20 students).

All together about 160 students were enrolled.  

Wonderwise is a non-profit organisation* working in a wide range of educational settings using Plastic Arts and Free Expression as Therapy and Personality Development Strategy.

The project introduces the Art of free ‘expression’ into schools first by providing teacher training and student sessions. Wonderwise provides the raw materials and expression books and follow-up. The expression books have been developed by Wonderwise and can be adapted to any situation and translated to any language. Wonderwise books are an ideal way to introduce free expression through Art in schools and organizations all over the world.

Currently (2017) Wonderwise is very active in Nepal. After the major Earthquake in April 2015 Griet and Sudhir launched the Wonderwise project in Nepal starting with an emergency-program in the months following the Earthquake and aftershocks. Then they started a sustainable project with sponsorship from Belgium. The Wonderwise program has now been introduced into the curriculum of some Nepalese state schools. A motivated Nepalese team is in charge due the kind sponsorship from Belgium funds.

Due to the great success of the first book Wonderwise is working on a second, focusing on children with risk of suffering from (post) traumatic stress. Early examples of this book and educational manuals are ready for review. (Feb 2017)

* Part of the Belgian Arch Support vzw