Expression books allow children express themselves freely through drawing and writing

When using a different but understandable approach the child secures the opportunity to express their inner feelings and thoughts without fear, obligation or force and at their own level and rhythm. 

Expression books are an easy guide for educators to consider and understand the “inner world of the child” better. The educator learns a different approach when seeking to understand the child / pupil in a different way creating the environment to improve child development during the educational process. 


Wonderwise has developed this expression book for use in many kinds of school settings. This workbook contains 20 fixed tasks and 30 different open tasks. The Key Focus is on free expression through drawing with reflection in words.

The educator’s manual gives short but effective information about the importance of Art therapy in education, the goals of the program, criteria and tips for a successful implementation. The manual also provides extra background information and guidelines for each task.

Please Click here to open:  NepaleseExpression workbook SCHL for use in schools

designed for children who experience(d) traumatic events

Wonderwise designed this book to aid educators working with children who experienced traumatic events – Earthquake / Landslides etc

This expression book is excellent for use in a temporary class settings or
TLC's (Temporary Learning Centres – such as refugee camps, shelters, centres for street children, abused, abandoned and or trafficked children

This workbook contains 20 fixed tasks and focuses on free expression. It respects the rhythm and the personal coping strategy of the child. 

The educator’s manual gives short but effective information about the importance of art therapy for children at risk, the goals of the program, criteria and tips for a successful implementation and extra background information (why each task and theme are part of the book) and guidelines in relation to trauma for each task.

Please Click here to open: Expression "TRM" workbook for post emergency support

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Wonderwise is a non-profit organisation* working in a wide range of educational settings using Plastic Arts and Free Expression as Therapy and Personality Development Strategy.

The project introduces the Art of free ‘expression’ into schools first by providing teacher training and student sessions. Wonderwise provides the raw materials and expression books and follow-up. The expression books have been developed by Wonderwise and can be adapted to any situation and translated to any language. Wonderwise books are an ideal way to introduce free expression through Art in schools and organizations all over the world.

Currently (2017) Wonderwise is very active in Nepal. After the major Earthquake in April 2015 Griet and Sudhir launched the Wonderwise project in Nepal starting with an emergency-program in the months following the Earthquake and aftershocks. Then they started a sustainable project with sponsorship from Belgium. The Wonderwise program has now been introduced into the curriculum of some Nepalese state schools. A motivated Nepalese team is in charge due the kind sponsorship from Belgium funds.

Due to the great success of the first book Wonderwise is working on a second, focusing on children with risk of suffering from (post) traumatic stress. Early examples of this book and educational manuals are ready for review. (Feb 2017)

* Part of the Belgian Arch Support vzw